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Harajuku Happy

The Harajuku area of Tokyo has evolved over the years from a small district into a stylish fashion and rock-n-roll hub, chock-full of designer flagships and fashion-forward pedestrian traffic.  The first time I saw Harajuku style, it was via the 2002 Austin Powers movie The Spy Who Shagged Me. In the film, two adorably dressed twins Fook Mi and Fook Yu were introduced as vixens (very punny, Mr. Myers!!).  A few years later it was 2005, and Gwen Stefani debuted her first solo album.  Along with its release, her clothing lines Harajuku Lovers and Harajuku Mini, Stefani helped introduce the mainstream media to Harajuku.  

When I think of a Harajuku wedding, I imagine Anime, Chibi, and Manga characters come to life.  It is the epitome of the sweet and innocent meets sexy dichotomy. 

For the invitations, you may opt for an invite referencing gaming or one reflecting anime elements. 

This adorable invite based on the Japanese film My Neighbor Totoro, is available from Nickel Design on Etsy.

Cute.  Harajuku Girl invitation, from Zazzle.

I really love the humor of this invitation from Bamboo Star Studios

Too cool.  This Wedding invite idea is a throwback to the NES, and created by Larry Quach for his friend Ryan Watkins and bride Esther Tanouye.  Read more about it via his blog here.

Cute tongue-in-cheek "Game Over" Save A Day invites,  all from Zazzle.

The dresses for a Harajuku bridesmaid should be a cosplay dress that is short, sweet...emulating aesthetic of an anime doll come-to-life.  These dresses remind me of Anna Sui's adorable little dresses that were so popular in the 90s. To me, she is the innovator of this aesthetic. The color should be indicative of the color theme of the wedding. 

Turlington, Campbell, and Evangelista in Anna Sui

Pink Lolita dress, Light in the Box

Lavender Lolita Cosplay dress, available at Milanoo

Adorable.  Available at Mic Costumes

Atelier Pierriot, available at Tokyo Rebel

Lolita Gothic Cosplay Dress, from Liquiwork

Pair any of the previous looks with these great knee-highs from Light in the Box

Pair with any of these cutie-pie shoes, all available at Mic Costumes.

For this wedding, think outside the cake box!!  The non-traditional cake is almost imperative. 

How adorable would these be for a wedding shower?  From the Let's eat cake photo gallery on Flickr.

Adorable!  Harajuku cake by Gimme Some Sugar in Las Vegas

This Chibi Okami Cake is something of a phenomenon.  I absolutely adore the cherry blossom tree in the backdrop!  By Gina Rouchy of Gina's Cakes.

If you truly insist on a more traditional cake, you can opt to have a themed cake topper such as these Totoro cake toppers by Krazy Kool Cake Designs.  Available on Etsy.

The china for this wedding is also over-the-top and fun. Here are a few suggestions. For this theme, I would set a table with an eclectic mix of different character plates. 

Waifu Kawaii Sakura plate, Zazzle

Harajuku plate, Zazzle Australia

Anime plates, both, Zazzle

The bride's dress for this wedding really is the same look as the bridesmaid, however, I'd opt for white. 

So Sweet!!  Gothic Lolita Bridal Long Sleeve, Liquiwork 

Adorable.  White cotton Princess Lolita Cosplay, Light in the Box

Finally, a longer option.  Gorgeous!  Vintage style Gothic Lolita, Liquiwork 

I must mention hair and makeup for the Harajuku bride!!  

For a wedding with this theme, I really like the idea of edgy or scene hairstyles. The following are a few examples. 

You also have the option of wearing a fun wig for your event. 

Cosplayerworld Harajuku wig, available at Amazon

Harajuku Perruque Gothic Lolita wig, also from Amazon

Cute. From the eBay store Lele_Stores

If you want an over-the-top makeup look for your wedding, you can use the following Living Dolls as an inspiration.  The living doll trend has become very popular; girls who fashion their makeup and clothing to emulate dolls or anime characters. 

Anastasiya Shpagina

Valeria Lukyanova

A cleaner, simpler look.  Kotakoti, a.k.a. Dakota Rose

Dollface, Venus Angelic

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