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Gorgeous Goth Wedding

When some hear the word "gothic," it immediately evokes thoughts of the macabre, the melancholy, the somberly dour.   I however, think of lilting violins, dramatic cellos, beautifully graceful pianos. Why not submit and indulge in the romance of its Elizabethan and Victorian inspirational heritage?

In the past, planning a gothic wedding would have been exceedingly difficult, as choices would have been extraordinarily sparse. During and after its inception in post-punk London, the genre was very underground (insert silly pun about The Velvet Underground here).   The influx of neo-punks, emo (sometimes confused as goth, is not goth), and screamo bands (also not goth) who all have elements of the gothic style, has made the genre much more mainstream. Trending on major runways recently is the unexpected black bridal gown!  When someone says, "The bride wore black," it is no longer a reference to the French film, nor frowned upon. Sorry, Mrs. Post, but times, they are a-changing.  

When planning a gothic wedding, the color palette is very specific. Rich jewel tones are a must. Think deep reds, plums, purples; shocking blue, and of course black.

For the floral arrangement, I'd choose according to the color of the bride's gown.  There needs to be a juxtaposition of contrasting colors, otherwise, the bouquet will not stand out. 

For example, if the bride chooses to wear black, I would choose a bouquet such as the following:

Conversely, if the bride wears color, I'd pair that gown with one of these. 

Whimsical Gothic Bride

For the gal who has no qualms about letting her freak flag fly (we know who you are, winks), you can go full throttle!!  Think vamp, French bordello. 

For invitations, the tongue-in-cheek is just fabulous!  Clever word-play ('till death do us part) is a fun and adorable way to express the announcement of your necrotic nuptials. Here are a few examples. 

Via Etsy

Also via Etsy

I love the scenery of this invite.

You may also opt to make your own. To see how to make this boxed invitation, click here.

The same rule as the floral arrangement applies to the bridesmaids. The bridesmaids' dresses should contrast the bride's. Here are a few examples bridesmaid dresses for the whimsical goth. 

If the bride wears black I'd suggest

This corseted dress by Annzley available from Aliexpress 

Front view

Rear view

This plum lace-up from Inspired Insanity

From Corsetchick 

If the bride of this wedding wears color, I'd suggest

Store on eBay

Pyon pyon.Alibaba

This adorable flower girl dress incorporates both colors....fantastic!  Manaia baby designs via Etsy 

Here are some cute ideas for party favors. 

Via Etsy

From Plectrumbanjo

For the gothic bride, there's no comparison to velvets, lace, embroidery, corseted gowns. Here are examples of gowns for the bride with whimsy. 

Some examples for the bride in black

Lolita dress available on MyEsoul

Here are gowns with color incorporated. 

Idea found on The Secret Moon Garden

This gorgeous corseted number available from the Glamtastik store on Etsy

You may even decide to don an adorable mini top hat.  See tutorial to DIY this top hat here.

When choosing a cake, you can truly let your imagination run rampant!

Love this idea.

I cannot post a blog about goth and not mention makeup!   For the whimsical goth, I would choose an aesthetic featuring the living-dead-girl pretty/ugly dichotomy. 

A couple of looks with lighter hues 

Haute Goth Honey

If your inner Lady Godiva prefers things more subtle, I'd suggest a more streamlined, classic approach.

For the invitation, I'd use the same color palette, but keep things more refined. 

I love the damask pattern of this invitation. From Wedding Invitations 4 U

These elegant invitations are so pretty. Via Wedding Invitations 100

The bridesmaids at the wedding for the haute goth should keep it simple, elegant. 

If the bride wears black

These two plum dresses from 200Shop

Here are a few inspirations for the flower girl

Both of these look perfect from SofiaStyle

For the haute goth bride, I love dresses that infuse the romantic femininity of Victorianism, and yet have a sleek sophistication. 

For the bride in black

Gorge. By Vera Wang

Romona Keveza

Zuhair Murad

Gorgeous deep red

A plum princess via Aliexpress 

The makeup for the haute goth wedding should implement aspects reflecting the true goth, but toned down and more simplistic. Think Siouxsie-Sioux meets Park Avenue. 

This look created via makeuptipsforblueeyes

For the cake at the haute goth's wedding,  I prefer clean lines. 

Artist Unkown

From Cake Work

For both weddings, I suggest the Ralph Lauren Ayers collection. I absolutely adore this collection.  It is both refined and whimsical at the same time. 

Inspiration Board

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