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Steampunk/Victorian Wedding

Ever since I first saw the video for The Smashing Pumpkins' "Tonight, Tonight" as a young woman, I was fascinated with the steampunk sub-genre (though it may not have been called that at the time).  If "Tonight Tonight" is the romanticized music version, then Nine Inch Nail's "Closer" is its evil doppelgänger.  Even the palpitating heart used as a backbeat sounds as if it were powered by steam. I was also intrigued by the oddity of some of H.R. Giger's bio-mechanical masterworks.  One distinct collection I remember from the late eighties (early nineties?) was of Vivienne Westwood's gorgeous corseted gowns.   Thank you to CNN for Style with Elsa Klensch (miss that terribly)!!!

 The advent of remaking H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, Tim Burton's 9, Sherlock Holmes,  as well as other events in the media have been contributing factors of the progression of interest in the steampunk (or Neo-Victorian) genre over the years.  Think:  part post-apocalyptic ideas themed in Mad Max, Waterworld, futurism in Luc Besson's Fifth Element, part Brontë's pre-turn-of-the-century Catherine Earnshaw.   If weddings are part fantasy, why not emerge oneself immensely? Embrace your inner sci-fi geek and enjoy. 
This theme has no specific color palette; it is contingent on your own taste.  For steampunk, my personal preference is with browns, copper tones, rust.  I will separate this into two parts:  Steampunk and Vintage Victorian. 


As with any wedding, I would start by choosing invitations.   For steampunk, I would look for invitations reminiscent of industry. Think gears, springs, metallurgy, metalwork  and the like. 


Available at Custom Made

Available on

Front by Graphic Embers

How cute would these be for place settings?  

You can have someone make your invites, or DIY. 

This bag of gears I found via monster marketplace would be a great start. 

Keys on Overstock, less than $4 per pair. 

Adorable party favors via Etsy

Next, the cakes. Here are some seriously artisticly beautiful cakes. 

I love the robotic groom and bride!!  This cake topper by Builders Studio on Etsy fits perfectly with this cake creation. 

How fantastic is this cake by Christopher Garrens?

Via Mike's Amazing Cakes

Having the right china for your special day is also important.  For this theme, I would suggest the Ralph Lauren Clock brunch plates. This plate collection premiered a few years ago (I know because I have them, winks slyly.  See my setting here), so they are discontinued. I adore them!  The good news is you can still find them via sites such as PolyvoreFitz and Floyd, and online auctions. 

To see my TableSetting using this china, you may visit the post in my blog Parsimonious Décor Darling by clicking here

You cannot have a steampunk event without mini top hats!  You can buy them or you may opt to DIY your own. To view how to make your own, please visit the tutorial via the link on my other blog, The Crafting Table by clicking here.

The following are some more inspirations.

This hat looks like it was accomplished using damask fabric, fabric trim,  ribbon, mechanical-looking accessories, and feathers. 

Using feathers, beaded trim, tulle, and lace. 

An animated inspiration 

For floral arragements, I would use vintage battenburg lace, a definite color palette indicative of metals and dried flowers, with real metal elements incorporated. 

For the bride. I would add even more flowers to make it almost like a beautiful metal topiary. DBM Blacksmith on Etsy

Via Etsy

I love the idea of the fan in this look.   Actor M@tch Ray. 

This look is interchangeable.  I would omit the clocks if I were to use this for a Victorian bride. 
Designed by Blue Petyl available on Loverly

This sweet bouquet of baby's breath would be adorable for a bridesmaid. Tutorial via DIY Weddings Magazine

This genre is fairly specific,  so in this post, I will include the guys!

Think vintage military, coats with tails, canes, monocles, top hats...Dandy!

Vintage jacket with tails embellished with antique metals

For the collar. Picture via deviant art. 

How cool are these cuff links?   Via Etsy.

This hat I found on a site for kids, but I still think it's very cool. 


Or take this handsome gent in full regalia. 

More dapper chaps.....costumes, but I'm still in love!!

All must hail the queen; Vivienne!!!  Milan fashion week 2013.

Two adorable steampunk flower girl ideas. 

Via Etsy. 

The following are a few cute looks for the bridesmaids. 

I love the leather panel in the corset of this dress. I found this dress on the Steampunk Couture Website. 

The high neckline on this look is spectacular.  I love the cameo as well. This I also found on the Steampunk Couture Website

Again....loving the leather along with the delicate lace!  Lyndsey Boutique on Etsy

Now,  my favorite part. The gowns!!!

I adore this look by weddingdressfantasy. Available on Polyvore

Contingent upon fabric selection, this next look is also interchangeable. 

I love the bustle and gears on this dress from Steampunk Couture.  

How adorable are the two gents-in-waiting?

The shocking blue color of this gown is just outstanding. 

I distinctly remember that aforementioned fashion show of Vivienne's way, way back when. She made a comment that all the photographers began groaning and she didn't understand, she thought the girls looked so sexy although they were covered up. I did then; I do now. She was ahead of her time.  

Inspiration Board


I begin again with the invitation. For a vintage Victorian wedding, I would definitely play up the romanticism of the era.   When I think of this theme, I think of lovely lace, beautiful brocade, exquisite embroidery, grandma's pearls. 

 How sweet is this?  

Love the lace and pearls.  From Elegant Wedding Invites

So very pretty.   I love the antique look of the lace here.   You can likely find this kind of lace in local thrifts or vintage shops. You may also opt to make your own vintage lace. You can view the tutorial by visiting the post on my blog The Crafting Table, by clicking here.

Absolutely love the script.  From Vintage Wedding Invites on Etsy

Whimsical.  On Etsy

The same goes for the floral arrangements.  I think of a quaint garden you might find in the English countryside.  Sweet roses, fragrant lavender, delicate baby's breath. 

How delicate and sweet would these be for the bridesmaids?

Party favors for the vintage or Victorian wedding should be sweet, delicate. You may visit my other blog The Crafting Table for a tutorial about how to make these. 

These would make adorable party favors. I found these on Etsy.  They have tea inside. I think these would be sweet with tiny sachets of potpourri inside as well. 

I also found these via Etsy; they would be just as cute with tea or potpourri inside.  I love the color!  The simulated patina is just perfection. 

For the cake, I would also stick to the same basic theme. Sweet, delicate. Cake by Cotton and Crumbs. 

 How sweet, indeed. 

Photo credit DLG Creative Management & Event Planning

Love the lace detail here.  Zoe Clark Cakes. 

For the bridal shower or guests.

Darling. Love the edible pearls. 

For the china, I would choose something delicate and lace inspired such as these via Horchow (Neiman Marcus). 

I love this Victorian-inspired dress for a flower girl!  The Destiny Gown via poshtots. 

How sweet is this vintage flower darling?  This hat, called the Jewel of the Nile Fascinator, is also available at Etsy. 

The gracious gowns.....

The high collars on these gowns are very Victorian. 

Here is a modernized version.  I adore the lace detail. 

Here is another example of a literally interpreted period vintage wedding gown. 

And here are gowns streamlined and modernized with vintage elements.

My oh my, I love this bustle. Photo credit/pinkgaloshes

The bodices on these gowns by RS Couture are fantastic, and although modern, clearly Victorian. 

I love the delicate lace detail on these two gowns. For this type of wedding, femininity is a must!
This dress found via Etsy

So sweet!

Wedding hairstyles are often interchangeable. For a Victorian or vintage wedding, however, I'd keep the look very specific.  Natural hair works best. Think the messy chignon, cascading curls, flowers in the hair. The following are a few looks I find inspiring. 

Messy chignon updo from bestsylehaircuts.  I'd add some sweet little flowers for detail. 

This look from the site thankgodimnatural is so sweet. 

If you are a girl who absolutely needs refinement in your style, here are a few ideas. 

This look, the Marie Antoinette by Lisa Harris of Magpievintage is clean, and yet still works because of the lovely embellishment. 

You may even choose something like this adorably romantic headdress found via axsoris. 

Another option is the braid. 

This look, by Brosh from weddbook, is gorgeous. 

I love this look from tressugar. 

Inspiration Board

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