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A Renaissance Romance

The Renaissance.  That magical time of the late middle ages when all of Italy was in a state of rebirth.  To the Renaissance, we attribute such notable and beautiful works including (but not limited to) David by Michaelangelo (shown above), gorgeous Baroque music, and innovative inventions like Gutenburg's printing press.  Runway shows such as Dolce and Gabbana and Balmain have paid homage to this time period showcasing creations featuring beautiful brocaded gowns and jackets.  If you are a damsel who loves this time period, a medieval wedding might just be for you.  

When choosing the invitations for this wedding, I truly like the idea of parchment papers indicative of scrolls with natural elements such as leaves. 

This adorable invitation can be edited to fit your ceremony needs.  By Handy Kane, available on Etsy.

I love the lettering on this design by Hydraulic Graphix, also available at Etsy.

This pretty design is made of handmade paper, and is customizable.  From the Ebay Store Maszikaa.

How fantastic is this?  These custom invitations with gold ink and beautiful typography, from DeMiloDesign.

Sweet.  From Yours Truly Invitations on Etsy

For the bridal bouquet of this wedding, I prefer two very specific looks.  The first is the cascading bouquet, and the second incorporates flowers with natural elements, such as English lavender. 


Fantastic.  Photo from Flickr, by Austinweddingblogs

This look is perfection.  Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne.


Beautiful English Lavender bouquet, by PaulaJeansGarden on Etsy.

Incredible Baby's Breath bouquet, Floral Design by Jacqueline Ahne.

If you prefer a traditional bouquet, I am absolutely mad for the designs I found via the Stitches From the Heart website.  There are incredibly beautiful embroidered masterpieces such as this corseted style "Sherwood Forest"  bouquet with monogramming.



Damask Bridal Bouquet Wrap, also from Stitches From the Heart

 If you love lace, the site also offers many gorgeous ideas!  There are truly too many to mention!

The bridesmaid at the Medieval celebration should be elegant yet simple, emulating a peasant look.

This gown, from Dornbluth, is available in a variety of colors; so you may choose contingent upon your color scheme. 

Love the bodice on this dress.  Also from Dornbluth.

If you prefer a more modern look for your bridesmaid, this option from Muse Clothing on Etsy incorporates renaissance elements like elongated sleeves and corseted back.  

                    Front Angle

                        Back View 

The cake for this theme can either be over-the-top or kitschy and cool.

Medival Crown and details.   Creations by Paula Jane. 


This creation by Kelly Ann's Cakes, is just fantastic.

You may also opt for a traditional cake with an elaborate topper.  

Rhinestone Vine Cake topper, Decorating Studio.

Beautiful topper options, from Plaide Palette.

The Renaissance bride may choose to serve guests on plain wooden plates indicative of a traditional trencher or opt for something more elaborate.  I personally love the idea of a decorative plate paired with an elaborate wooden charger. 

Portmeirion Dinnerware, Botanic Collection, available at Macy's

I also love the "Ivory Baroque" Collection from Horchow

Wooden Charger, Neiman Marcus

Whitewashed wooden charger, also at Neiman Marcus

The Bride at this event should truly stand out, and I love the idea of corseted gowns. 

Fantastic color.  From Medieval Bridal Fashions

Gorgeous detail.  Available online at Pearsons Renaissance Shoppe.

If a more opulent gown is your preference, I suggest this Tudor gown by Very Merry Seamstress.  I love the brocade detail. 

I adore these next two looks from Romantic Threads.

Beautiful!  The lace detail is exquisite. 

If you are a folklore fan who remembers the movie Legend you'd appreciate this second gown which is based on the dress Princess Lily wore in the film. 

I love the modern look of this corseted gown.  Medieval dress from Dressale

Closeup of the gorgeous corseted bodice.  

Although not gowns, here is a peek at the aforementioned two runway shows. Phenomenal!!  You may opt to draw inspiration from these looks.

Dolce and Gabbana



Hair is very important during a Medieval Matrimony.  For quintessential renaissance hair, I think of beautifully intricate braided hair with ribbons and flowers.  I would incorporate flowers into the following styles. 

I adore this look.  Renaissance "Bella Braid" by Jevel Wedding Planning.

Gorge!  By Bella Braids

Fantastic Work.  Image on Flickr.

Instant Renaissance Hair creation. Hairpiece from Dawanda Marketplace

How sweet is this look for a flower girl?  By Princess Hairstyles.

For the bride, Freshwater Pearl Medieval Crown, from Nellie White store on Etsy.

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